From Dream to Reality: The Essential Stages of Starting Something New

that’s the word in Turkish meaning “we are starting”.

Before starting, a bit about

I just decided to re Start my blogging experience 2 days ago and today i’m here with my known nickname and domain “iksdf” which has no meaning at all and created by me decades ago just with a random hit to keyboard with 10 fingers. In the beginning, it had more letters, then i made it leaner for better reminding it. First launch of “” reaches to 2005, I lost the domain in 2019 while i was not doing anything with it and 2 days ago i realized that it is free to register and i got it back. Since 2000s i have been writing, therefore i added “re” to the title of this writing. My decision to start writing again and loosing of the domain by previous owner were exactly matched, thank god i did not have to find another domain or name.

If we take a base point or time, it is the moment that it appears when it is just moving away from the base and for me it is a big story which I have started to think on since my early 20s. I talked about it to a crowd of 400-500 people in Brotherhood conference (brotherhood but ladies were more than 50%) in 2010 in Kocaeli. Explaining importance of a start is always a cliche but do not forget everything happened after a big bang 13,8 billions years ago.

Start action is a process

Starting is not only a start, it’s a process where it initiates several mechanisms in or out of you. When you start something, your entire body, with its billions of cells, gets involved. Your brain ramps up, your immune system strengthens, and your hormones (don’t underestimate them!) kick into gear. No matter what you’re starting, your whole body is working to support you. The moment that you start to act for making it, will also reactivate the medium you are in. Of course not easy to make all of these happen! To start is not easy to anyone or anything -it’s the rule of physics: “inertia“; but it’s more difficult to me: going out of the bed every morning! Inertia rule does not only effect to keep you stopping, after starting to something it also keeps you going, and at that point harder is stopping which means you are more close for making it happen than giving it up! Same is happening when you start to do a negative but no room for negatives in this writing.

Starting something doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s the essential first step. By taking that step, you’re essentially saying “congratulations” to yourself for embracing the challenges ahead. Every new beginning is an exciting opportunity, a chance to explore new directions in life. Whether it’s planting a seed, learning a new language, or embarking on a journey, the possibilities are endless.

It’s natural to feel some fear or apprehension when starting something new. But don’t let fear hold you back! Remember, even the most successful people started somewhere, and they all faced challenges along the way. Focus on the positive possibilities that starting something new can bring, and take things one step at a time.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Starting something new takes time and effort. Celebrate your small victories, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Every step forward is a step closer to your ultimate goal.

Developing positive habits is essential for long-term success. Schedule time for your new project or activity in your daily routine. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Soon, starting something new won’t feel like a chore – it will become a natural part of your life.

Think of Nike’s iconic slogan: ‘Just Do It.’ It’s a simple yet powerful message that applies to any new endeavor. Just like Nike encourages athletes to push themselves, we can all embrace the spirit of taking action when starting something new. Don’t overthink it – take that first step and see where it leads. Let’s just get started! Today is the day, not tomorrow, not next week. Forget about the objections, challenges, and doubts holding you back. Break free from your inhibitions, move forward, and embrace the incredible possibilities that await you. So, what are you waiting for?

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